About wolfeye.de

Angel Gonzalez Gomez, wolfeye.de founder and owner

wolfeye.de was founded in September 2022 by Angel Gonzalez Gomez. Our software “Wolfeye Remote Screen” allows the user to see the live screen of a computer remotely using the browser. You can therefore also see the live screen on your own mobile phone.

The majority of wolfeye.de customers are entrepreneurs who use the “Wolfeye Remote Screen” program to monitor employees in compliance with legal requirements. However, in many cases, “Wolfeye Remote Screen” is also used by parents who want to control their children’s internet behavior.

Our software helps with employee behavior analytics, helping companies to monitor and analyze employee activities to increase productivity and ensure the security of sensitive data.

wolfeye.de is the partner of choice when it comes to providing critical insights so companies can thrive in today’s complex work environment, especially in industries where sensitive data and intellectual property are at stake. With Wolfeye Remote Screen, organizations gain complete visibility and understanding that ensures maximum productivity and minimum risk.