Please Notice national / local laws
Legal Aspects

The use of this software in any illegal manner or for any illegal purpose is not permitted. The Software may only be installed and run on your own devices. The use of the software and the use of the service on third-party devices without the consent of the owner/user is prohibited!

Please refer to national laws to ensure that your specific surveillance activities are legal in your country. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you seek advice from a lawyer. A specialist in this area is the lawyer Dr. Philipp Byers, specialist lawyer for employment law and partner at Dentons.

He advises clients around the world on these topics. We recommend booking a consultation with him if you are unsure about the legal use of Wolfeye in your situation. You can contact him via Linkedin. By installing the Wolfeye Software or using the Service, you acknowledge that you are acting in accordance with applicable law and accept full responsibility for your use of the Product:

Book a consultation with Dr. Philipp Byers

Talk to your lawyer about whether it makes sense for legal reasons to inform employees that the company can randomly look at employee screens. However, we recommend that you do not use the information obtained with Wolfeye and make it transparent to employees, for example to justify termination or other measures. The use of Wolfeye should only serve to obtain information and should be done covertly, as far as legally sensible. Check with your lawer about that possibility.

Check with your lawyer whether the following measures make sense to enable legal use:

  • Completely prohibit private use of the computer and company telecommunications equipment and seek advice from a lawyer regarding an employment contract regulation according to the motto: “The computer/laptop and the Internet access as well as the email connection that are provided in the employment relationship or at the workplace is used exclusively to fulfill official tasks. Any private use is not permitted.
  • Wolfeye allows you to view the computer’s live screen remotely. However, it is also possible to save screenshots regularly. This function is switched off by default and is switched on by sending an email to us. We recommend that you check with your lawyer from a legal perspective not to use this function, but rather just use the “live screen function”, which does not save screenshots or other data.