Teamviewer vs Anydesk

Accessing work computers and files has been revolutionized by the ease of use of Remote Desktop Software. Now, using any device with an internet connection, you can:

  • Gain remote access to your work computer
  • Work together harmoniously on projects with coworkers.
  • Get remote help from tech support to resolve problems on your computer directly.
  • You can access all of your work documents from anywhere.

Choosing the best remote desktop software can be difficult with so many options available in the market. Two competitive and reliable software are Teamviewer and Anydesk.

Let’s explore further to compare them!

Remote Desktop Software

You can create a remote control hub using a laptop! By bridging the distance between you and the host computer, remote desktop software allows you to access it remotely.

Do you need to run a program, edit a document, or print something? No issue, use your laptop to complete everything remotely. Businesses frequently use servers or virtual machines as hosts, although home users may use their computers for this purpose.

With Remote Desktop, you effectively have a powerful combination: your laptop serves as your display and control panel, and the remote machine handles the processing.


With more than 20 years in the running, TeamViewer is a seasoned player in the remote desktop space. You can take total control of a remote computer once TeamViewer is installed.

It can be downloaded for free for personal use. Before purchasing, businesses can use a free trial to examine its capabilities.


TeamViewer holds a commanding 55.51% market share and is the industry leader in remote support. This dominance is not uncontested, though, as 44 other tools are competing for the same remote support market share.

Features of Teamviewer

  • Remote access: With TeamViewer, you can use an internet connection from any location in the world to establish a connection with a remote computer.
  • File transfer: Moving files between your local computer and the remote computer is a simple process.
  • Chat and video conferencing: With TeamViewer, you can use the remote computer to assist someone and have a chat or video conference with them.
  • Screen recording: To save your screen session for later use, you can record it.
  • Wake-on-LAN: TeamViewer can be used to awaken a remote computer that is asleep.

Customer Review

It resolves issues promptly and helps smooth the flow of communication. It helps with an easy-to-use interface with powerful remote features. It’s fast and easy to navigate through the interface with quick support to the desktop, which is amazing! It’s more flexible and adaptable to many devices. Scheduling of meeting via video is reliable and efficient. Maybe providing more privacy information would be great. – Maybe forcing the two-factor mode.

  • James N.

Pricing Options

TeamViewer caters to various needs with paid plans. To help you decide, they offer a free trial. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  • Free: Ideal for personal use, this option lets you access a single computer at a time.
  • Single User: Perfect for individual remote access needs, starting at CAD$29 per month.
  • Team Plans: Designed for businesses, these plans offer features like multiple user licenses for collaboration.


AnyDesk offers a reliable remote connection between devices, making it the perfect remote desktop software for online collaboration. This cross-platform program works even in locations with weak internet access.

Beyond just remote desktop access, AnyDesk provides features like file transfers and connection management through an integrated address book that shows online availability.


Most AnyDesk users are companies with between 50 and 200 employees and $1 million and $10 million in annual revenue. AnyDesk holds about 3.5% of the market share.

Features of Anydesk

Anydesk is a powerful remote desktop with these top features:

  • High-performance remote access: AnyDesk provides lag-free remote desktop sharing and control.
  • Unattended access: Access your work computer remotely, without the need for someone to be physically present on the other end.
  • Secure data transmission: During remote sessions, built-in security features guarantee that your data is secure.
  • File transfer: File transfers between remotely connected devices are simple.
  • Mobile device access: AnyDesk allows you to access your computer remotely from your phone or tablet.

Customer Review

Overall, it is a great tool and software solution if you need to control your devices from a remote place. It connects fast, works properly regardless of the quality of the internet connection, and provides a stable link to your device.

  • Anvyl F.

Pricing Options

AnyDesk provides a range of plans to suit your requirements, from individual users to big businesses. Here’s a brief explanation:

  • Free: Try AnyDesk for free for 14 days to see what it has to offer before committing.
  • Solo: With file transfer, whiteboard collaboration, and remote access, it is ideal for basic requirements. It costs $14.90/month.
  • Standard: With features like unattended access and session recording, this plan is perfect for small teams and costs $29.90 per month.
  • Advanced: Offers advanced security and customization options for power users for $79.90/month
  • Ultimate (Enterprise): Speak with Sales about a plan designed for large companies that can accommodate up to 2,000 devices.

Comparison of Teamviewer vs Anydesk

The key characteristics, ratings, usability, and cost structures of both platforms will be analyzed in this comparison. By the end, you will be prepared to select the best software for your needs.


Ease of Use

Well-known for having an easy-to-use interface and a simple setup procedure, it’s perfect for new users or people who just need a fast remote access solution.


AnyDesk prioritizes core functionality to ensure seamless performance while providing basic features like file transfer, session recording, and remote device management.


Takes security meticulously, using TLS 1.2 encryption and two-step authentication to secure remote connections.


Offers a free tier for personal use, while paid plans cater to commercial needs, providing more features and connection slots.


Carries a strong 1686 reviews with an average user rating of 4.61 out of 5, suggesting that users find its performance and simplicity to be satisfactory.


Ease of Use

For users who are unfamiliar with TeamViewer’s broader feature set, the learning curve may be slightly steeper than that of AnyDesk.


Goes beyond basic remote desktop functionality, offering a full suite of tools such as file sharing, video conferencing, and real-time collaboration.


Prioritises security with strong AES 256-bit encryption and follows strict security protocols to ensure secure remote access sessions.


Provides a free tier with restrictions on session length and commercial use. Paid plans provide access to additional features for businesses. It is more expensive than Anydesk.


Upholds a high user rating of 4.63 / 5 stars based on 11424 reviews, demonstrating its feature-richness.

Alternative: Like Teamviewer or Anydesk - but hidden for stealth computer monitoring

Wolfeye Remote Screen is a software that runs like teamviewer or Anydesk – but hides itself. It is made for computer monitoring. You see the live computer screen remotely as if you were sitting in front of it. Watch the video to learn more:


The decision between AnyDesk and TeamViewer is based on your requirements. More features and dependability make TeamViewer the perfect choice for businesses. AnyDesk has a large free tier for personal use and is faster and simpler. If user-friendliness is important to you, choose AnyDesk.



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