What Games Is My Child Playing?

Video games are the most popular form of entertainment, drawing in both adults and children. Regardless of their popularity, parents worry about the content their kids are exposed to. The gaming industry, in contrast to traditional media, offers a wide range of content, some of which feature violence and mature themes. This means that parents must exercise control over the games their children play.

Parental controls can assist you in keeping your child safe online by monitoring their gaming sessions and establishing screen time limits. This can be done by utilizing remote monitoring software such as Wolfeye, Anydesk, and Parsec.

This article discusses Wolfeye as a monitoring tool and a channel for open communication between parents and kids to create a fun and safe environment for them to entertain themselves.

Video Games and Their Disadvantages

There are countless fascinating things to discover in the world of video games. Gamers of all backgrounds are captivated by the unique and compelling experiences offered by each category.

These are some of the genres that developers build their thrilling adventures around. Gaming genres are flexible; a game may belong to multiple core genres in addition to one.

Action, adventure, role-playing, simulation, and casual gaming are a few popular game genres.


Even though games are generally a source of entertainment, players – especially children – may grow adverse ideas from them. The themes of crime, violence leading to scenarios akin to war, and disobedience of authority are prevalent in video games.

Gender Stereotypes

Furthermore, some video games even promote harmful stereotypes about race, gender, and sexuality in addition to depicting mature and sexually suggestive content.

Children pick up lessons from their environment and their early experiences, which shape who they become as adults. They must therefore avoid playing any kind of destructive gaming.


Cyberbullying is another troubling side effect of video gaming. It has been discovered that the players abuse other players, speak in an exploitative manner, and divulge personal information without authorization.

Mental Health at Risk

Children’s mental health may suffer psychologically from playing video games. Since video games are designed to be addictive, children who have trouble fitting in or who have trouble controlling their impulses are especially prone to becoming unhealthily dependent on them.

Thus, it is essential to moderate content, particularly when it comes to video games.

With the help of the parental control software Wolfeye, parents can keep an eye on their kids’ online activities and protect them from objectionable content on the internet and in video games. 

How Wolfeye Assists in Keeping an Eye on Your Kids' Gaming?

Wolfeye Remote Screen is a remote access or remote desktop program. It enables users to remotely control and maintain their servers or PCs from another device. Reaching a computer from a distance or using remote work or support can both benefit from this.

Although Wolfeye works best in an office setting, it can also be used in a home setting. Not only can people watch over their homes while they are away on vacation, but parents can also keep an eye on their children while they are not around or just keep tabs on their online activities like gaming.

Features of Wolfeye

The following features of Wolfeye make it a popular monitoring tool:

Live Screen Viewing

The most notable feature of Wolfeye is its capacity to enable remote PC screen viewing. This real-time monitoring feature improves control and supervision by enabling users to maintain a connection with their devices as though they were physically present.

This feature allows parents to see the names and content of the games their children are playing.

Screen recording

Users of the Wolfeye remote screen can regularly take screenshots, providing an overview of user activity. Keeping an eye on your child’s activities while you are at work can be challenging. In this situation, they can record their screen with Wolfeye and review the game content at a later time.

The program keeps track of websites that are visited, offering insightful data on online activity for a thorough monitoring experience.

Time Tracking

Children should prioritize physical activities more and have a set amount of screen time. Wolfeye can also be used to monitor kids’ screen time. Their gaming time can be limited by setting timers in the Wolfeye monitoring account.

Parental Control

Parents can change the settings of websites and applications using Wolfeye according to their kid’s age and needs. This includes blocking access to websites that contain harmful and age-inappropriate content.

They can also block games after checking their ratings and content type on the internet.

Control Cyberbullying Instances

Cyberbullying may be captured by WolfEye’s live screen capture feature when it occurs in-game chat or message threads. This enables you to talk to your child about the problem and, if needed, report the incident to the gaming platform.

Wolfeye - An Open Communication Source

Besides monitoring, parents can use Wolfeye as a source of open communication with their children and be more transparent and honest about rules and regulations regarding their gaming experience.

Wolfeye can be used as:

Discussion Initiator

You can start a conversation with your child by using the information you gather from Wolfeye, such as game time, game content, etc. You can assess how video games affect your child’s mental health and voice your concerns regarding their gaming habits.

Establishing Ground Rules

You can simplify your kids’ gaming sessions by setting ground rules for them after having a talk with them and taking into consideration the findings of Wolfeye Monitoring. Regulations may concern game content, screen time, and appropriate online conduct. 

Besides Wolfeye

Although helpful, Wolfeye is only one piece of the puzzle.

Try using these careful techniques to make sure your kids’ gaming sessions are safe and secure:

Coplaying: Play video games with your kids and have intelligent conversations about the games’ plots. This will not only help them get the most out of their gaming experience, but it will also strengthen the bond and understanding between parents and kids.

Provide Clear Guidelines: Specify guidelines for screen time, gaming sessions, and general internet activity.

Educate: Make use of online tools, game lists, and safety platforms to teach your kids and yourself about appropriate online behavior and gaming habits.


WolfEye’s monitoring features can be used in conjunction with open communication, defined boundaries, and awareness to create a safe and enjoyable gaming environment for your child.



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