Teamviewer vs Parsec (EN)

Get instant tech support, work together with colleagues, access your computer, and have all of your files at your disposal at any time. Remote Desktop Software provides you with an enormous opportunity to explore the digital world remotely. Popular among these software are Teamviewer, Parsec, Anydesk, and Wolfeye.

Both Teamviewer and Parsec cater to discrete needs. While Teamviewer is best for administrative monitoring; parsec places more emphasis on high-performance gaming sessions. Alternatively, Wolfeye gives comprehensive remote access for all needs.

The article discusses the key differences between Teamviewer and Parsec and how Wolfeye can be a better alternative to both.

What is a Remote Desktop Software?

A user can connect to and interact with a computer located in another location with ease using remote desktop software, also referred to as remote access software. This can be done through an internal network or the Internet.

With a remote desktop, you have a potential combination where the processing is handled by the remote machine and your laptop acts as a display and control panel.

Remote desktops are the best solution for distant workers to access company networks.

What is Parsec?

Parsec is another tool for remote desktop access. It is designed to provide smooth and high-fidelity connections for robust gaming sessions. Thanks to Parsec for Teams, game development, and launch have become a breeze.

After its acquisition by Unity in 2021 and with the release of Parsec for Teams, Parsec became a subject of mass interest. The new solutions expedite game creation and launch by meeting the requirements of development teams.

With this recent acquisition, the future of Parsec looks promising.

BUD Networking Protocol

Better User Datagram, or BUD, is Pascer’s networking protocol and its greatest asset. Based on BUD, the Parsec SDk has an amazing 97% success rate for NAT traversals and a quick response time in the event of a power outage or network congestion.

Features of Prasec

Parsec is the preferred option among gamers due to a multitude of features.

High-Quality Streaming: Up to 4k streaming is possible at 60 frames per second with almost no latency, 4:4:4 color support, and synchronized audio and video.

Reliable Security System: Users who have been permitted to access computers are the only people who can use Parsec for Teams and Enterprise. TLS is used for end-to-end encryption.

Effortless Collaboration: Easily share sessions and replicate the atmosphere of direct cooperation even when geographically separated. With Parsec, teamwork cuts across geographical boundaries.

Cross-platform support: Parsec operates on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, so you can access your computer from several different devices.

Easy to Use: Even for those who are not technical, Parsec is comparatively simple to set up and operate.

Customer Review

Here is what Alistair W. a small business owner has to say about Parsec:


“We recommend Parsec to our customers. In most cases, Parsec provides a point and happen immersive editing experience. The real benefit is being able to test drive before committing to a wider solution. Parsec allows our customers to switch seamlessly from on-prem editing to remote editing in high res with no need to move content. Parsec Teams has provided the user-based access and security needed for our customers.”

Pricing Options

Dynamic pricing options are available from Parsec for both individuals and enterprises.

Free Trial: Parsec is available for personal use as a free trial.

Individual: It begins at $8 a month and is paid annually.

Teams: $30 per month with a minimum of five participants

Enterprise: It offers custom enterprise solutions for large organizations.

What is Teamviewer?

With the help of the remote access and support program TeamViewer, users can access and control devices from any location in the globe. Features like file transfer, screen sharing, and remote printing make working remotely simple and effective.

For private use, it is available for free download. Businesses can test its capabilities with a free trial before making a purchase.


With a dominant 55.51% market share, TeamViewer leads the remote desktop industry. But there is competition for this dominance, with 44 other tools vying for the same market share in remote support.

Features of Teamviewer

The following are the top features of Teamviewer:

Remote access: You can connect to a remote computer using TeamViewer by using an internet connection from anywhere in the globe.

File transmission: Transferring files is an easy process that can be done from your local computer to the remote computer.

Chat and video conferences: You can use TeamViewer to help someone remotely and conduct a video conference or chat with them.

Screen recording: You can record your screen session so that you can refer to it at a later time.

Wake-on-LAN: Using TeamViewer, you can use a remote computer that is asleep to wake it up.

Customer Review

“I would like to contrast all others by stating that I have had an EXCELLENT experience with Team Viewer. I have had on brief interaction with tech support, well because I know how to utilize the software. Simply put the easiest platform to roll out to users that are not so tech-savvy. I strongly advise if not a huge company it works great. Would not know how the platform operates on a corporate level, but would assume it would meet all stakeholders’ interests.”

– Rob I.


TeamViewer offers premium plans to meet a range of needs. They provide a free trial to help you test the features and make a sound decision.

Here’s a summarised explanation:

No Cost: This option allows you to access a single computer at a time and is perfect for personal use.

Individual: From CAD$29 per month, this plan is ideal for people who only need remote access.

Plans for teams: These are intended for companies and include features like multiple user licenses for teamwork.

Difference between Teamviewer and Persec

Teamviewer and Parsec are both remote desktop software but are slightly different in their functionality.

Teamviewer offers a wide range of features while Parsec focuses on game streaming for seamless collaboration.

The main task of Teamviewer is remote access administration of businesses and teams. It is user-friendly making it ideal for general management tasks. Parsec, on the other hand, is best for a high-performing gaming experience and has high bandwidth as compared to Teamviewer.

When it comes to pricing, Parsec is more cost-effective than Teamviewer. The former is best for individual use and the latter is suitable for enterprises.

TeamViewer has higher user ratings than Parsec, but Parsec’s smaller, more specialized audience gives it almost perfect ratings.

Lastly, Parsec does not currently support mobile access, whereas TeamViewer does.

The comparison mentioned above is summarized in the table below:






Remote Access Management

Rigorous Gaming Sessions


Minor Lagging, No Specific Bandwidth

Lower Tendency, High Bandwidth


25 MB – 50 MB per hour

10 MB per hour

Ease of Use

Less Technical

More Technical


More Expensive (Individual access at $29/month)

Less Expensive (Individual access starts at $8 per month)


Remote Access, File Transfer, Screen Recording, Easy to Use

High-Quality Streaming, Effortless Collaboration, File Transfer,


4.4 / 5 with 3,222 Reviews

4.9 / 5 with 23 Reviews

Mobile Device Access


Not Available

For remote access, Teamviewer and Parsec are excellent options, but Wolfeye is a strong substitute that is especially useful for monitoring.

Wolfeye - An Alternative Choice

Wolfeye is a software tool for employee monitoring. This user-friendly platform works silently in the background and gives you real-time insights into your team’s virtual workspace. Wolfeye provides unauthorized access detection, activity tracking, and live screen monitoring.

Its features allow you to view the desktops of every employee. Remote worker monitoring is made simpler with Wolfeye’s ability to monitor CCTVs.

An extra feature is advanced playback. It is easy to search recordings using a timeline and filters for date, time, or motion detection.

Furthermore, Wolfeye adds a security layer and safeguards the confidentiality of your video recordings through two-factor authentication.

You can easily add more cameras as your needs grow because Wolfeye’s scalable architecture can easily handle a few cameras or a large network.

Employers can identify challenges early on, take appropriate action, and maintain project progress thanks to this global visibility.

Benefits of using Wolfeye

Wolfeye has benefits that make it a choice from other remote desktop features:

  • Increases team productivity by monitoring their actual progress and establishing reasonable targets.
  • Open communication and teamwork are promoted in the workplace through team monitoring.
  • By guarding against security lapses, Wolfeye keeps systems safe from unauthorized login attempts.
  • Compared to other remote desktop software, Wolfeye is relatively less expensive and easy to use even for non-technical staff.

All these features combined make Wolfeye a potential alternative to Teamviewer and Parsec.


The multitude of features makes choosing between Parsec and Teamviewer challenging. Teamviewer is ideal if you are a business owner looking to keep an eye on your staff. If you enjoy playing video games, Parsec is an excellent choice.

But if you’re searching for something in the middle, Wolfeye is a good, all-around choice.



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