Screen Monitoring Software: Is It Safe To Use?

Computers are an integral part of every business. While computers benefit modern society, these gadgets pose daunting challenges, like cybercrime, data breaches, and reduced employee productivity in several organizations.

Screen monitoring software is a safe, foolproof, and reliable solution to critical productivity problems. This software will help you monitor your staff’s work productivity and activities in real-time. In addition, you can track and avert threats that may lead to network security breaches.

Read more to learn how screen-monitoring software operates, the essential types of screen-monitoring software, and the systems‘ main key features.

Safety Risks of Screen Monitoring Software

Almost every organization uses computer software to enhance productivity and improve surveillance. Nonetheless, you may experience security risks, despite the many advantages of automated screen monitoring. Some of these risks could affect your organization negatively.

Here are some safety risks that screen monitoring poses to organizations.


1. Compromised Data Privacy

Screen monitoring exposes organizations to the risk of sharing and leaking employees‘ information with unauthorized personnel. While monitoring one of your employee’s computers, for instance, you may accidentally come across discrete data on their family life, healthcare, and banking.


2. Risk of Losing Staff

Screen monitoring can slow your employees‘ ability to enjoy their workplace autonomy. Because of screen monitoring, your staff may leave your organization if they believe the software threatens their privacy.

Many employees firmly believe in healthy work-life boundaries. If they believe the company is monitoring their personal communications, they may leave for another organization that values their privacy more.


3. Strained Relationship and Damaged Trust

Screenshot monitoring can affect the relationship between employees and their employers. Research by CIPD shows that 73% of interviewed employees note that constant employee monitoring affects their interaction.


4. Inaccurate Impression of Safety

Computer-based monitoring systems can create inaccurate impressions of safety in respective workplaces. Some organization managers, for instance, can have the impression that having security surveillance systems will guarantee them automatic workplace safety. Some managers will opt to have surveillance systems to replace their surveillance staff.

Software monitoring isn’t entirely autonomous, even though it can help improve your organizational safety. You still require human surveillance even after installing a reliable screen monitoring system.

How Does the Screen Monitoring Software Work?

Employee screen monitoring software is usually installed on a company’s computers or smart devices. However, you can also install the software on employees‘ computers dedicated to office-related tasks.

Once deployed on selected computers, the software captures all employees‘ activities within the workstation and stores the data for reference. Later, you can retrieve the data for a clear understanding of your employees‘ activities at work.

Some of the aspects you can monitor using the software include:

  • Websites and computer applications
  • Keystrokes
  • Screenshots
  • Messages and emails

The Key Features of a Good Screen Monitoring System

The key features of an exemplary screen monitoring system consist of the following:


1. Real-Time Screenshots

Screen monitoring helps you capture your staff’s computer screens in real time and at regular intervals. You don’t have to monitor your employees‘ computer screens all the time to check their activities since the entire process is automated. The screen monitoring software helps you capture the employees‘ screenshots as it happens.


2. Multiple Screen Monitoring

Screen monitoring software allows you to monitor different computer screens simultaneously. One productive way to monitor multiple screens simultaneously is to split them into groups based on their teams or similar tasks.

For example, all sales-related employees come under one group, while HR personnel fall under another. Or, the employer can create different groups for different projects.


3. Remote Monitoring and Access

Screen monitoring software comes with an in-built feature that enables employees to monitor their employees‘ screens from anywhere. Employees don’t have to lose track of their employees‘ monitoring activities, regardless of whether they have many office locations or allow remote working.


4. Intuitive Reporting and Analysis

Screen monitoring software uses many data analysis tools to scrutinize employees‘ long-term activities. The tools with this software can provide a list of weekly, monthly, and daily reports showing employees‘ workplace behavior patterns.


5. Website and Other Software Tracking Systems

A functional screen monitoring software can help monitor your employees‘ web-based activities. For example, you can quickly identify the websites and apps your employees are using, and the time they spend on these apps and sites during normal office hours.


6. Unlimited Customization Options

Screen monitoring software boasts customization options depending on your needs. You can, for example, design a monitoring policy detailing recording intervals and detailed data you need to capture with a screen monitoring system.


7. Admin Website Console

This feature provides a simple, user-friendly interface that gives administrators unlimited access to all user’s activities on the network.

It allows administrators to monitor their employees under one dashboard, through which they can access the following information.

  • Reports on time usage
  • Computer screens on the network
  • Recorded data on the network
  • Flagged behavior
  • Control bandwidth
  • User alerts


8. Real-Time Keystroke Tracking

Keystroke tracking is a common feature of screen monitoring software. The feature can accurately record your employees‘ text on their computer screens. And what’s more, you can record all the keystrokes in real-time.


9. Flagging Users’ Actions

Apart from monitoring employees’ screens, you can also monitor their location and activities for suspicious behavior.

You can use the software to monitor your employees and make sure they don’t attempt to gain access to sensitive or confidential information. You can also track their location within limits to ensure they remain in their designated workspace.

What Are the Different Kinds of Screen Monitoring Systems?

There are many types of screen monitoring systems. These systems have unique capabilities and different security features. While some screen monitoring software is suitable for monitoring staff’s performances, others are ideal for monitoring computer systems.

Furthermore, parents can use some systems to track their kids‘ activities at home. Below is an overview of the standard screen monitoring software.


Employee Monitoring Software

The screen monitoring software helps monitor your employees‘ activities on laptops and desktop computers. With the software, you can track mouse clicks, applications, keystrokes, and sites your staff visits.


Screen Monitoring Software

The screen monitoring software lets you track your staff’s screens in real-time. Tracking your staff’s screens in real-time can be handy when accessing employees‘ productivity. It can also help you ascertain your employees‘ compliance with various employment policies.


Parental Control Software

The parental control software will help track your kids‘ online activities. The software will help you restrict your kids from accessing unsuitable sites or accessing specific inappropriate programs from the computer.

The parental control software allows you to record your kids‘ internet activities and check their browsing history. Most importantly, the software limits your children’s internet usage.


Location Monitoring Software

The versatile software helps you track your staff’s movement, mainly if the employees work remotely. You can check whether your employees are working at their respective workstations at any time.


Time Tracking Software

A time tracker can be an incredible tool for helping employers monitor their employees‘ time during working hours. The software evaluates how much time your employees spend executing different assigned tasks within your organization. You can also use the software to assess your employees‘ punctuality by accessing their sign-out and arrival times.

How Does Wolfeye Remote Screen Help?

Wolfeye Remote Screes is a unique software that helps you keep track of all the computer screens within your network. This software can monitor your employees‘ activities and improve workplace efficiency.

You can also use the software to check your kids‘ online activities while away from home.

The beauty of this software is that installing it on any device is pretty straightforward. First, start with downloading the software to your desktop computer laptop. Open the file after downloading the software and follow the outlined steps. Then, activate all the configuration settings to start using the software.


Key Features of the Wolfeye Remote Screen

Wolfeye Remote Screen Monitoring Software comes with many exciting features. These are some of the notable features of this versatile screen monitoring software.


1. Multiple Device Monitoring

Wolfeye Remote Screen Monitoring software allows you to access multiple devices within your network. You can conveniently monitor every device from one location, irrespective of how many devices you have in your network.


2. Simultaneous Screen Viewing

The software’s split-screen feature helps enable multiple-screen viewing. For instance, if you have around ten employees in your organization’s marketing department, you can use the software to show all their screens simultaneously on your end.


3. Remote Access to Many Devices

The software comes with an innovative built-in remote access feature. Consequently, you don’t have to install secondary drivers on the specific devices you are tracking. Furthermore, the software’s remote feature helps you track all the devices from your preferred location, far away from your central office.


5. Undetectable Software

The software is entirely undetectable by other devices. You can use the software to track many devices without fear of different antivirus programs detecting the software.

This feature also makes the software less intrusive for the employees. By remaining out of sight, it doesn’t interfere with their work or make them aware of the monitoring.

Do I Require Screen Monitoring?

Express VPN recently commissioned a study revealing how employees utilize their office computers to conduct non-work-related activities. From the survey, around 30% of employees have been using their office computers to do activities they would be hesitant to share or discuss with their employers.

Around 43% of employees use their office devices to browse their preferred sites and chat with friends. Another 40% of employees have been using their workplace computers to visit job applications, while another 37% use their work computers to search for love-related content.

These shocking findings give us a glimpse into what employees do without their employers‘ consent. That said, a good screen monitoring tool is critical for every employer striving to track their staff’s conduct at work. Screen monitoring will offer the following benefits.


1. Improves Your Network Security

You can maintain superb surveillance over your computer network courtesy of screen monitoring. Screen monitoring lets you quickly detect unauthorized employee activity and malware attacks on your network. Furthermore, you can detect and restrict any suspicious apps your employees use within your office network.


2. Boost Employees’ Productivity

A key benefit of screen monitoring is increased efficiency and staff productivity. Your employees will avoid activities that will dent their productivity once they discover you are monitoring them. You can also highlight the main areas that need improvement since a screen monitoring system will provide accurate information about your employees‘ performance.


3. Get Correct Insights Into Your Business Growth

The software will also monitor every keystroke and mouse click, depending on your employees‘ logins. A thorough analysis of your staff’s activities can provide important insights into your business’s growth rate and efficiency. Consequently, you can make informed decisions to propel your business‘ growth rate.


4. Screen Monitoring Helps You Manage a Large Workforce

Managing a vast workforce can be challenging. However, you can utilize a versatile screen monitoring system to manage your expanding workforce.

For instance, the screen monitoring system’s remote access feature helps you keep track of all the business activities if you have a network of several branches in various locations. This feature is helpful if you have many remote workers too.


5. Enjoy Customized Reporting

Screen tracking software can monitor multiple users simultaneously, culminating in different reports. The best aspect of the software monitoring system is that you can generate individualized reports based on each employee’s activities.

Enhanced customization options enable you to send the reports directly to your email accounts, so you don’t log into the system every time.


6. Obtain a Clear Workflow Insight

The screen monitoring software is the best monitoring tool for a remote working system. Since the software records actual screen activity, you can get a clear insight into the business workflow from different workstations under your management.


7. Enhance Employee Training

Are you looking forward to boosting your employee’s working skills? Then the employee monitoring software is what you need.

The software gives you a deeper insight into your employees‘ skill levels and identifies existing gaps. Once you know the skill gap, you can develop training modules with the employees in mind.


8. Ascertain Employee Productivity

The screenshot monitoring software is not just a tracking tool but a way to prove your employees‘ productivity. For instance, you can scale down your monitoring activities to an individual level, so you ascertain what each employee does. You’ll, therefore, have no doubts about a team’s productivity.


9. Guaranteed Perpetual License

Buying screen monitoring software from original developers grants you a perpetual license from the manufacturer. Once you purchase the software, you’ll own and use it at no extra cost. You may only spend a little money to buy additional features such as software updates and anti-malware protection.

Final Thoughts

Technological advancements have undoubtedly brought many thorny issues, such as workplace productivity. Fortunately, monitoring your staff’s workplace activities can change how your employees use their time. It can also change how your team uses the crucial organization’s resources.

A screen monitoring software like Wolfeye can provide reliable, safe, and long-term solutions to multiple business challenges. You can install screen monitoring software on your workplace computers to eliminate workplace inefficiency.



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