Is It Possible To Watch Someone’s Computer Screen?

Computers have become a critical part of our lives, whether at work or at home. However, incorporating these devices into work and education presents many challenges, leaving many people wondering – can you monitor other people’s computers from your device?

It is possible to watch someone’s computer screen. With the right software, anyone can manage any number of computers from the comfort of their desk. Monitoring another computer is a great way to ensure that children or employees use the internet safely, efficiently, and responsibly.

In this article, I’ll discuss what you need to oversee other peoples‘ computer usage, the legality of it, and why it might be a beneficial tool for you.

Reasons You Might Want To Watch Someone’s Computer

Whether you manage a business where your team primarily works from home or want to keep track of your children’s internet activity, using computer monitoring software offers many benefits.

You Want To Ensure That Employees Use Time Productively

Software like Wolfeye allows you to keep track of a computer user’s activity remotely, making it easy to ensure that everyone’s on track.

You can use this software at work to ensure that your employees are using their time productively and catch any infractions of your workplace’s policies.

When using a program like Wolfeye, employees won’t receive a notification when you begin monitoring their computer usage. This anonymity allows you to covertly ensure that everyone is on-task and using their device as intended.

For example, monitoring someone else’s computer screen can allow you to catch employees who are updating their social media pages, watching YouTube Videos, playing video games, or spending too much time on one of their tasks.

Aside from closely monitoring workers‘ activity, you can also use the data you collect from screen monitoring to take inventory of how your employees use their time.

For example, you may be able to find out who among your team is spending the most time sending out emails to clients. Perhaps they should be in line for your next highest customer service position.

Using this software to reallocate your resources in the best way possible can boost profits and allow you to place your employees where their strengths shine.

Monitoring your team’s computer activity has some excellent benefits, and it doesn’t all have to be about punishments or invading privacy. Instead, it will give you an unbiased view of what’s happening at your workplace and allow you to fix some of the root issues affecting your team’s productivity. 

You Want To Keep Your Children Safe From Online Hazards

You can use screen monitoring at home to ensure that your children use the internet safely and responsibly.

With live access to screen capturing of the device, you can ensure that your children do not become exposed to indecent content.

For example, you’ll be able to know if your children are contacting people they do not know, using websites you have not approved of, or spending their school hours playing games or watching videos.

Knowing what your children are up to when they are on the computer can help you manage and set boundaries. This insight will help you teach your young kids better computer literacy and judgment in the long run.

What Do You Need To Watch Someone's Computer Screen?

To watch someone’s computer screen, you’ll need a computer, an internet connection, and software like Wolfeye. Computer programs that allow you to monitor someone else’s computer activity are simple to use and effective in helping you enforce proper device usage at home or work.

Every software has different features, but you’ll find that most of the best ones allow you to stream a live screen mirror of any computer on which the software has been downloaded.

Some of these programs may also allow you to watch someone else’s screen without the other person even knowing you are watching. In most cases, programs like these are the most effective if you want to ensure that children or employees are using their time efficiently.

Is It Legal to Watch Someone’s Computer Screen?

It is legal to watch someone else’s computer screen if you are authorized to do so. Cases in which you are legally allowed to monitor someone else’s computer include if you are the computer’s owner or if you and the user agreed that your surveillance was acceptable.

It’s only illegal to monitor another person’s computer screen if you do not have consent or if you do not own the computer. However, if your employees have signed that they consent to the surveillance or if you own their computers, you can monitor the employees‘ work however you wish.

Programs like Wolfeye take illegality into account, only allowing you to track the activity on any computer you manually downloaded the program onto.

Still, if you attempt to use surveillance for illegal or privacy-infringing purposes, you could fall under the penalty of law.

What To Look for in Screen Monitoring Software

To get the most out of your surveillance, you’ll need to choose a program that works for you – not just with you. So, here are some features that you might want to consider before you settle on one:

  • Remote Access. You can effortlessly keep track of everything with a program that doesn’t stop when you leave the office. Programs that give you remote access are also critical for businesses that have work-from-home employees.
  • Anonymity. Some programs notify users when you start to monitor their screens, but if you want an honest depiction of what’s going on that computer, you want anonymity. Choosing an „invisible“ program can ensure that no one knows when you are looking.
  • Downloadable. Downloadable programs are much more reliable than internet-based screen monitoring software. So, if you don’t want internet connectivity to get in the way of your surveillance, pick a program with downloadable software.
  • Access begins with boot up. In most cases, you won’t just want to see what other people are doing on their web browsers. If you want screen access that extends to all applications and layers, choose a program that starts screen capturing as soon as the computer powers up.


It is possible to watch someone else’s computer screen as long as you have computer surveillance software and another device to access the screenshots or search history from.

Monitoring other people’s computer activity is legal if you own the computer or have consent from the other person. It can also be an essential tool in these cases, allowing you to keep kids or employees on track and get an honest view of what other people are using their computers for.