Does Employee Monitoring Increase Productivity?

If your company requires a productivity boost, you may have heard of employee monitoring as a quality way to bring up the productivity of your workers. However, it’s tricky to determine if this statement is the truth. Does employee monitoring increase productivity in the workplace?

In many cases, employee monitoring increases productivity. However, there is a chance employees may feel they aren’t trusted, and it might take more time on your end to go through all the data.

If you’re interested in learning more about whether or not employee monitoring increases productivity, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about whether it improves productivity, why monitoring matters, other effects of employee monitoring, and other valuable information about keeping an eye on your workers during the day.

How Does Employee Monitoring Increase Productivity?

In many cases, employee monitoring will increase productivity. It gives you a new view of your employees, allowing you to determine whether or not they are using their time wisely. It will permit you to gain control of your company with an overview of what your workers are doing – and that’s just the start.

Let’s talk more about how employee monitoring increases productivity. Although it might seem strange, there are two main ways this action will ensure your workers keep on track in whatever position they are in in the department.

Faster Work

Employee monitoring will encourage employees to get things done rather than putting them off until the last minute. With knowledge of your eye on their work, they will be more motivated to do what they need to do without accomplishing less vital side tasks before they get to their main project.

Faster work will allow your business to accomplish the following:

  • Gain more clients with a more efficient output
  • Enjoy more peace of mind with the knowledge that employees are gettings things done
  • Allow more time to go through work, edit, and make a plan before deadlines

You will have a much more efficient work experience if your employees get things done.

Of course, faster work doesn’t always mean quality work. Employee monitoring must be paired with quality control to ensure employees are not putting fast output over quality input as they finish their assignments online. However, you should be able to experience a more efficient project turnaround with successful employee monitoring.

More Conscious Efforts

Not only will employee monitoring create faster production from employees, but it will also ensure your workers make more conscious efforts in every project. If they know there is a system in place, they are more likely to think about what they are doing and put a solid effort into their actions.

More conscious efforts will permit the following for your company:

  • Higher quality of work from employees
  • Efforts you and your employees can be proud of
  • More cost-effective work sessions

You will gain more high-quality work at a faster rate without too much work in the incentive department.

The more effort people put into their work, the better your company will fare. You will see noticeable results and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a business producing high-quality efforts. Employee monitoring will ensure workers are more conscious of the actions they take while they are at their desks.

Why Is Monitoring Productivity Important?

The most critical reason for employee monitoring is for the sake of the business structure, especially the small business. Without examining productivity, it’s tricky to tell what’s going wrong if things slide south for a company. Monitoring productivity keeps everyone on track and reveals weak points in your system.

Monitoring productivity is also vital for the following reasons:

  • Visual mistakes revealed in data
  • Better relationship with the employee and employer
  • Ability to see where various workers are succeeding
  • Safety measures for your system
  • Better production rates
  • Visibility when employees violate procedures

It’s a good idea to keep track of the productivity levels of your workers.

Although it might seem like a big step for your business, adding employee monitoring is intelligent, especially if you have a small company under your watch. It will ensure employees are productive and reveal any areas where you need to act to improve the general business structure.

What Are Other Effects Of Employee Monitoring?

Of course, there is more to employee monitoring than just inspiring your workers to increase their productivity levels. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense to spend money on the software. There are other items you will notice if you choose an effective employee monitoring program.

Let’s discuss the other impacts employee monitoring can have on your business. You’ll get more than increased productivity out of the addition – you will also find yourself with a host of benefits, each helpful to your business differently. Employee monitoring can bring unexpected high points to the life of a company.


Working with an employee monitoring system will allow you to generate savings and set them aside while establishing and accomplishing various goals for your business to turn a more successful profit. Employees who put in more effort with the time they have will bring value equal to what you pay them, preventing time-wasting from occurring.

The more savings you have, the more access you get to the following:

  • Faster income and higher rates of money
  • More customers and clients along the way
  • Peace of mind as you work through various business steps

It’s never a bad thing to have savings as a company.

When you hire a person to work for you, you’re picking them to do a specific job during specified work hours. Employee monitoring will keep them on track and ensure you get maximum value for your investment out of the people you hired to get the job done.

Better Security

Employee monitoring does more than improve productivity, it also increases the security of your system. It protects you and your workers from getting in harm’s way, whether it’s intentional or an accident. Through the system, you can check documents, sites, and other items that could potentially let in an unwanted intruder who has ill-intent for you.

There are several items you should examine with employee monitoring, including the following:

  • Business files throughout the system
  • Visited websites throughout the day
  • Account information
  • Messages sent through the technology
  • Saved documents in various files
  • Installed applications on a computer

A tiny bug could make its way into your infrastructure through any of these items, wreaking havoc before you know what’s going on inside your technology.

It’s best to be prepared when considering potential dangers. Most employees don’t let in malware intentionally, but it could happen. Using employee monitoring will permit you to stop threats, breaches, and various suspicious activities before they expand into severe and expensive detriments in your system and take down your company.

Overall Quality Performance

Employee monitoring will make a big difference across your company, and that includes the overall performance of your team. When you examine computers, you will see what people are doing and where they are not meeting expectations. You can even see how much time they’re wasting on sites unrelated to work.

This system even allows you to observe how often people arrive past the stated time at work, tracking their typical hours and how often they arrive late. You can talk to them about these issues sooner than without the technology.

With employee monitoring, you can notice areas where your business is falling behind. You will examine the data and point out weaknesses, issues, and vulnerable spots needing assistance. Once you notice them, you can make a shift right away to ensure your business remains as professional as possible.

Can Employee Monitoring Harm Productivity?

Of course, there are also some cons to consider whenever pondering a new product. As with all forms of technology, there are some harmful aspects to employee monitoring. It’s ideal to have a complete picture of the addition to ensure you are ready for what might come your way during the addition of the new technology.

Let’s discuss a few ways employee monitoring might hinder productivity rather than push it forward. If you’re not careful, it can be easy for this software to take control of your business and work against you. It’s critical to have the best technology on your side to ensure you and your employees have control in every moment of a typical work day.

Trust Issues

Although it might not seem like a big deal, adding employee monitoring can raise trust issues and hurt the feelings of employees closest to you. A few of your workers might feel like you have low respect for them and could even take offense to the addition. It’s ideal to examine the state of your company morale before getting this software.

Serious trust issues could lead to the following:

  • High rates of employees resigning and others applying
  • Doubt in your leadership and issues with seeing their future in the job
  • Unsatisfactory environment and an air of uncertainty among everyone

You want to avoid these if possible.

The best thing you can do is talk to your workers ahead of time to ensure you are being honest and open with them every step of the way. Present them with the idea of employee monitoring to ensure no one feels like they are singled out.

Not every experience with employee monitoring ends with trust issues. However, it’s always better to be honest to stay on the safe side when implementing something as new as this in your workplace.

Time-Consuming Analysis

Finally, you will need to analyze all the data that comes in from the employee monitoring sessions. In the beginning, this process might feel complicated and will take time to break down. It will take a chunk of time out of your day to analyze everything and glean quality results from the information.

During the time spent analyzing data, you could be:

  • Speaking with new clients
  • Finishing other vital tasks
  • Mapping out new goals for your company

Employee monitoring is a time commitment on your end.

There is typically a learning curve with analyzing employee monitoring data, and it will get easier as time goes on. However, you must be ready to give up at least an hour a day to put together the information and determine what you can pull out from the pile.

What Is The Solution?

There are good and bad things associated with employee monitoring, but it may increase productivity with the right software. What product should you use to keep your employees motivated and add layers of security without harming your trust or taking up too much time looking at all the gathered data?

Wolfeye Remote Screen is one of the best solutions for employee monitoring on the market.

It offers features such as the following:

  • Live PC screen view
  • Invisible and windows startup
  • Screenshots and visited sites
  • Remote monitoring selections

You get plenty of access with the Wolfeye Remote Screen on your side.

If you are interested in Wolfeye Remote Screen, use the three-day free trial to test the software to determine if it’s right for you. There’s also a 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it, plus a tutorial to ensure you know how to work the system before putting down money on the technology. Wolfeye Remote Screen is the best for your company.

Final Thoughts

Employee monitoring will increase productivity in many ways, helping employees get work done faster and pushing them to make more conscious efforts in everything they do. However, there are also some risks. There can be trust issues, and the data might take up your time. Still, it’s worth it and will work with proper communication.

We hope this information was helpful! The more you know about increasing employee productivity with monitoring, the easier it will be to implement a quality system so that everyone feels comfortable within their space. The best solution is Wolfeye Remote Screen, designed to ensure productivity remains in your business.



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