This is How Employee Monitoring Affects Employees

As the world changes and technology advances, keep up with the times to ensure your company runs as efficiently as possible. One popular addition to the classic workforce is employee monitoring. If you’re interested in this system for your team, you might wonder – how does employee monitoring affect employees?

Employee monitoring affects employees in many ways, including: 

  • Improving efficiency
  • Saving money
  • Forming better security

 These are just a few of the impacts employee monitoring might have on workers.

If you’re interested in learning more about how employee monitoring affects your employees, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about the benefits, the disadvantages, and anything else you should know about the technology. The more you know, the better a choice you can make for your team.

Benefits Of Employee Monitoring

Monitoring might sound intense, but many benefits can appear when employee monitoring goes on your system. Employees have more sets of eyes on them, but this addition may push them to work and allow for more recognition from you and other leadership staff viewing the information.

Let’s dive deeper into the good things that come with employee monitoring. There are many ways in which this system will motivate your workers and create a positive outcome, making the investment in the product worth your time and money. It’s ideal to understand every side of this technology before choosing for yourself.

Observation Of Employee Strengths

Employee monitoring lets you see things you might not notice about your workers. For instance, employee monitoring will permit you to see where your workers excel and when they do things that stand out and wow you. It’s much clearer when it’s spread into a data-centric format.

Witnessing employee strengths will allow you to do the following:

  • Decide who deserves a raise
  • Determine who is doing the best in their position
  • Provide praise and recognition to hard-working people

You will build a company where people are acknowledged for their work.

When people get noticed for the effort they put in, they tend to work harder than ever. Noticing their strengths will permit you to foster a positive employee environment, making a space where people are encouraged to come to work every single day and give their best effort. Employees deserve recognition, and monitoring can help you do just that.

Higher Team Performance

With employee monitoring on your side, you will notice a higher team performance. You will be able to see what people are not meeting expectations or completing tasks they should, including noting people spending time on time-wasting social media sites or other information forums when they should be doing other things.

You can also see how often people are late to work and when they tend to show up. With these issues apparent, you will address them as soon as they appear and ensure your office works at its maximum potential during all daylight hours.

Employee monitoring will also allow you to note any issues, weaknesses, and vulnerable sections. Once you notice these, you can close up the gap and make a change right away. Employee monitoring will allow you to remove weaknesses and make changes much faster than without the addition of this quality technology.


Employee monitoring is also cost-effective. Unlike other software, most versions of this tool aren’t that expensive. Some cost as little as $20 a year, while others stretch to the highest point of $150. It won’t take an arm and a leg to get a top-rated employee monitoring system for your computers during the day.

For this low price, you will get services like the following:

  • Activity trackers
  • Live views
  • Screenshots of visited sites

These will make your life much easier.

When running a company, it’s ideal to invest in items that will provide the most value for what you pay. An employee monitoring software is just that, offering extensive features for a low price. It won’t take long to break even with your payment and get cost-effective results from your system.

More Savings

Not only is employee monitoring cost-effective, but it will also permit you to generate more savings while you work to expand your company and bring in a better profit. When employees put in as much effort as they can during the hours you pay them, you will save money and prevent time from being wasted away during the day.

More savings under your belt will allow the following:

  • Peace of mind while working out the next steps
  • More money and income faster
  • Increase clients and customers

An increase in money for a company is rarely a bad thing.

You hire people to work when you pay them to do their job. With employee monitoring, they are more likely to do just that during the daylight hours.

Better Security

Believe it or not, employee monitoring is an effective security measure for your business and employees. By tracking what they are doing, you will see everything from documents saved to the sites visited. These will help you determine if your company is in danger based on what is in the system.

Here are a few things you should be looking at with employee monitoring:

  • Messages sent through company property
  • Business files
  • Account information
  • Visited websites
  • Installed applications
  • Saved documents

Any of these could lead to a security breach and a chance of destruction and a high-cost recovery for a business.

Employees don’t always download or visit websites with invaders on purpose. Often, it’s an accident that grows into something beyond their control. Employee monitoring will allow you to stop breaches, threats, and suspicious behavior before they grow into troubles that could take down your entire infrastructure in a matter of moments.

Improved Efficiency

Efficiency will go up if you use employee monitoring for good, rather than evil. It might seem strange, but many workers are more motivated to get the job done and do it well when they know there is software keeping an eye on what they do. You can expect much higher team performance with employee monitoring on your side.

Employee monitoring acts as a form of management when you are away. It will keep employees motivated and focused even though you don’t have enough eyes to look at everybody at once. You can take a look at the data later and it will be the same as if you were able to watch everybody at once.

Employees under monitoring are more aware of what they do and are more likely to be conscious of their efforts. Higher performance means an increased profit for your company when all is said and done. For any business, an improvement in profit is a reason for celebration.

Disadvantages Of Employee Monitoring

We’ve talked about all the good things that come with employee monitoring, from better performances from your team to a better security system. Now, it’s time to address the other side of the coin. There is always good and bad in any practical technological innovation for a business system.

Let’s dive further into the bad things that can come with employee monitoring. Although these issues don’t speak for all instances of employee monitoring, they can happen if you aren’t careful with your use of the product and the software you choose. It’s critical to know these ahead of time to prepare yourself if something goes wrong.

Trust Issues

Your decision to add employee monitoring may hurt feelings and raise trust issues among your employees. Some might feel like you have low regard for them and will take the addition of the software as a slight against their character. It’s critical to analyze the mood of your team before installing employee monitoring to your computer systems.

Trust issues among your team might lead to the following:

  • Doubt in leadership and future at the job with lack of confidence
  • Higher rates of employee turnover as they resign
  • Potential displeasing environment in the office with uncertainty

It’s critical to keep these items at bay.

The best way to steer clear of these trust issues is to be open and honest about adding employee monitoring before you purchase and use the software. Address the group as a whole to ensure no one feels like they are the only ones with the addition to their computer.

Not all employee monitoring additions end with serious trust issues from the employees. However, honesty is always the best policy when considering moving forward with this level of security measure for your business.

Danger In Access

There is a danger to the access you are given to the private data of your workers, from their emails to their files. You can get to any paperwork you want, meaning eventually you might find yourself stumbling across private information like a social security number or a specific password for a high-value website.

If you find yourself under attack from a hacker, your system might:

  • Experience serious exposure
  • Reven hidden data to the hacker
  • Shut down if something goes wrong

There is an issue with having access to too much information at one time.

If you choose to add employee monitoring to your business, it’s vital to keep yourself in check. Ensure you have control over what you look at and take care to defend your employees’ private information to the best of your ability. Also, refrain from looking at or searching for information that is deemed personal to the individual.

Looking At Data Takes Up Time

Examining data from your employees is more complicated than it sounds. It will take time to gather the information, condense it, and carefully break it down. You will need to determine what information belongs to which employee and what you want to do with the knowledge you gather.

In the time you spend gathering data, you could be:

  • Planning new goals for your business
  • Meeting with new clients
  • Accomplishing other critical tasks

It’s a time commitment to look over the data from employee monitoring.

Of course, there’s also a learning curve that comes with employee monitoring. The longer you use it, the faster you will get at looking over the information and drawing a conclusion from what you see. Eventually, it will become a natural part of your business structure and daily routine.

What Is The Ideal Solution?

There are pros and cons to adding employee monitoring to your team, but there is a chance it will bring incredible benefits with the best software selections. However, it’s tricky to land on the right solution for your team. What tool should you use to motivate your employees and improve your business without losing their trust?

Wolfeye Remote Screen is a top contender for employee monitoring on the market. It offers features such as the following:

  • Live PC screen view
  • Invisible and windows startup
  • Screenshots and visited sites
  • Remote monitoring selections

You will have excellent access with Wolfeye on your team.

If you’re looking for something like Wolfeye Remote Screen, there are a couple of options. Use the three-day free trial to decide if the program is ideal. If you buy, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee if something goes wrong with the technology. There’s also a tutorial available, allowing you to experiment and learn about this valuable solution for your team.

Final Thoughts

There are many impacts employee monitoring can have on your employees, some good and some less than ideal. This technology can improve efficiency, allow for cost-effective work, and create higher levels of security. However, it can also create distrust from employees, take up time as you examine the data, and cause danger in access.

We hope this information was helpful! It can be tricky to determine if adding employee monitoring is the right choice, so we hope these details make the decision much easier on your end. If you want a quality employee monitoring system, Wolfeye Remote Screen is one of the best.



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